Tips for Using SE Nuke X: Purging the Database

If after deciding for yourself whether or not SENuke X is worth it or not, you decided to go ahead and take the plunge, next comes the fun of learning how to use it.  

Actually, setting up a basic campaign is pretty easy.  You just use the step by step wizard, choose one of the preconfigured campaigns in the link diagramer and away you go.

However, as you start using it more, it takes some time researching the advanced strategies.  While there are video tutorials, a lot of the little details you just have to dig through the SENuke forum  and user blog posts to figure out.

My SENuke X Tip: Purge Your Database

When I first subscribed to SE Nuke, I ran the program on my primary computer.   I kept the SENX window minimized, disabled the popups, and I really didn’t have a problem.

But I recently decided to make the switch from Magic Article Submitter to Article Marketing Robot.  MAS has served me well for a long time, but AMR allows you to add your own article directories as well as publish to self hosted WordPress blogs.  The last is the primary reason I switched as I want to focus more on building up my own network.

I have heard again and again from various people that while Article Marketing Robot is awesome, it is a resource hog, especially when you want to use the scheduling (which I did,) and that it really should be run on a VPS.

So when I switched to AMR, I also signed up for a VPS and moved my SE Nuke X installation to it as well as my AMR install.  

I went with WebsiteService Plus‘s Tier 5 plan, which includes 30 GB of storage (A lot of people use this to run Sick Submitter on and they have a discount code SICK10 to save 10%.)

All went pretty smoothly and I have just LOVED having these programs on a VPS.  I wish I would have moved it to a VPS a long time ago.  I don’t have to worry about  my own internet connection (which sucks,) how many programs I have open (which is usually a lot,) or even having my computer on.

The Problem:  Running Out Space

Yesterday I logged into my VPS to set up a new campaign and started running into all kinds of issues.  There was a new update for SE Nuke and it kept failing to update and looping through the process.

I started seeing little popup windows saying that I was running out of storage with only 19 mb left.  I thought, “What the heck?!?!?”

All I have on the VPS is:

And other than downloading some SE Nuke diagrams . . . that’s it.

I couldn’t figure out where all the memory was going.

Then I starting getting errors with SE Nuke that it couldn’t save my settings.  After Googleing, I found a forum post saying to delete SENuke.Settings.xml in the install folder, exit out of SENX, and then the file would be rebuilt. 

The other tricky thing about SENuke is that it doesn’t show up in your regular program folders.  In order to find the location, I had to right click on the SENX desktop icon, and select “Open File Location” to find it.

Once there, in addition to the setting file, I also found a folder titled “Database Backups” 

Lo and behold the folder contained 28 gb of backup files!

After searching in the forum, I found that this is a common problem.  They recommend leaving the 5 most recent backups and deleting the rest.

There is an option in the SENuke settings (Options => Backups) where you can set the number of days for SE Nuke to save the backups.   The issue with this is that a backup is generated every time, I am assuming, that a campaign is run, so you can have multiple backups per day.   

After clearing out all of the backups other than the five most recent, my VPS and SENuke are running smoothly again.

I changed my options to delete backups older than two days and I’ll see if that keeps the backups from piling up.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet for SENuke, but need an extra boost for your sites, I am offering some SENuke campaign packages.

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