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Google Adsense and Smart Pricing

google adsense smart pricingSeveral of my little niche sites are structured somewhat along the lines of the xFactor Adsense model.  I say “somewhat” because I absolutely refuse to put out anything that is as hideously ugly as those old original ones were and I don’t have anything that has such thin content.

If you’re not familiar with an xFactor site, it is named after a guy name John who goes by the handle “xFactor” on the Warrior Forum.  In 2009, he posted an epic thread on his strategies for reaching

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What is Google Authorship?

google authorshipSo I’ll admit it.  I don’t really follow Google news or Matt Cutt’s blog.


Heresy, I know, for someone marketing online.

I just figure that if they do something really groundbreaking, like say . . . enable telepathic search or something . . . I’ll hear about it through the regular channels:  forums, email lists, Skype, Facebook, etc.

(I know people complain about the amount of emails on IM lists, but that’s one good thing about it.  You usually hear about major updates without having to keep tabs on Read the rest

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What Really Makes Money in Niche Marketing

Let me start this off with a confession.  I would make a sucky counselor.  The worst on the planet.  Psychology always interested me, but I knew it was not something that I wanted to pursue as a career path for two reason.

First, listening to people’s problems day after day would drain me.  I know I wouldn’t be able to leave it at the office at the end of the day.  Even now, when I see someone dead set for disaster . . . and it doesn’t even have anything … Read the rest

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Niche Marketing Lesson Learned From an Event Disaster

Event planning has been on my mind for the past week.

A little backstory.  Eight years ago, a friend of mine called up, said she wanted to plan a community egg hunt and asked for my help.  I thought, “It’s Easter eggs, how hard can it be?”

Six years later, that event had grown into a festival with not only an egg hunt, but carnival games, entertainment, over 80 vendors and sponsors, and 4,000 people attending.

It was awesome and I loved the event, but it was an insane amount … Read the rest

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Clickbank Woes

One of my little niche sites is based on the Niche Profit Classroom.  As I mentioned on my “about” page, it was that program that really made the light bulb go off regarding hyper niche marketing.

NPC is a training program, but it also provides members with two niche topics per month, complete with research, an ebook to sell as an info product, an auto responder series, and a set of articles to start off your site.

Anyway, the first site that I built on the model has been … Read the rest

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Unexpected Website Ad Revenue

So here’s the story.  After I had my “ah ha!” moment and discovered niche marketing, I spent several months researching and playing around with different site models. I was already familiar with the direct sales website ad revenue from my community site and  I had my sites based on the Niche Profit Classroom method, but I also experimented with Clickbank review sites, Xfactor style Adsense sites, and Amazon.

One of the places I researched was the Warrior Forum and I came across a number of posts by people talking … Read the rest

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