SE Nuke X Services

Are you looking for SE Nuke X or other link building campaigns for your web site?  Maybe you came across my post on SE Nuke alternatives, “Is SE Nuke X worth it?” but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge yourself.  Or maybe you just have a couple of sites to promote and can’t justify the monthly fee.

If so, I am offering a limited number of single SE Nuke X campaign runs through my own install.  

My own link building strategy is all about layers, and the campaigns offered below reflect that.  These are all configurations that I use for my own sites.  On any of the SE Nuke packages, an article blast through Article Marketing Robot can be added for $20.  I schedule my blasts to be drip fed over 30 days.  

SE Nuke X Service Campaigns

link sundae


The Link Sundae  

The Link Sundae is a basic SE Nuke blast that adds a layer of social bookmarks and 2.0 networks directly to your site, with profile links, RSS submissions, and pinging added for extra power behind those.  The campaign is spread out over 5 days.  After the campaign is completed, you will receive a report with a list of the urls as well as the account logins if you want to continue to utilize the properties..

In addition, all of the urls will be submitted through my own private indexing network for added power.

Price:  $37
Submission Length
:  5 days

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Link Parfait  –

To add a more powerful boost to your web site for your keywords, the Link Parfait is a great option.  The campaign is created with three account profiles versus a single user account in the Link Sundae for greater diversity.  Social networks are used in the campaign versus the 20 in the smaller package and multiple levels of bookmarks are added to those giving a broader base of promotion.  

The campaign is scheduled over 12 days.  After the campaign has completed, you will received a report with the urls created as well as the account logins if you want to continue to utilize the properties..

All of the urls will be run through my private indexing system.

Price:  $67
Submission Time:  12 days

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Link Tiramisu –

The Link Tiramisu takes link building up a couple notches from the packages above.  In addition to the first level of social network properties, two additional layers of social networks are added to give more power.    Each of those sets of social networks are bolstered with profile and bookmark links as well.

This campaign is scheduled over 20 days.  After the campaign is completed, you will received a report with all of the url’s as well as the account logins if you want to continue to utilize the properties.

In addition, all of the urls will be submitted through my own private indexing network for added power.

Price:  $97
Submission Length
:  20 days

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Other Link Building Packages

While SE Nuke X is one of my link building cornerstones, it is not the only thing that I use.  The following are packages for two other strategies that I use in my promotion efforts.


The Link Buffet – 7

The goal for building link for the long term is not only about building out layers of links,  but also establishing topical authority hubs in your niche that you control and use to boost your own sites.

My sites that have gained and held the most traction in the SERP’s are those where I established a solid Tier 1 level of sites with a mix of linkwheel properties with contextual links within the niche content.  

These sites are then used as a buffer to more aggressive link building, such as with the larger SE Nuke X campaigns.  

The Link Buffet package is 20 social network properties built out with content relevant to your niche and contextual links embedded naturally within the content.  The sites will be a mix of randomized linkwheels and independent properties.  You will receive the log in information for the properties so that you can continue to utilize them and build them out long term.

Price:  $147
Turnaround time:  5 business days

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The Keyword Toss Up – 7

So what is the Keyword Toss Up?  This utilizes a strategy that I’ve found to be extremely effective for long tail to medium competition keywords.  (It helps with more competitive keywords as well, but I’ve ranked long tail and local keywords using only this method.)

I’m basically creating a keyword matrix across 300 + sites in a privately owned (publicly accessed) social network.  

To get the best results, submit:

  • Three primary urls 
  • Three primary keywords
  • 15 to 20 secondary urls.  I recommend throwing in a couple of authority sites into the mix.
  • 20 to 30 long tail variations of your keyword.
After all of the submission are run, all of the urls are run through my private indexing network.
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Restrictions:  Campaigns for adult, gambling, pharmacy or any other borderline topic are not accepted.  Some of this I’m running through on my own sites, such as the indexing network,  and I can’t jeopardize those. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Guarantee Rankings Improvement

No.  I can’t.  I get results with these methods.  However, I would stress the importance of varying your link building strategies.  As I mentioned above, SE Nuke X and my Keyword Toss Up are two of my cornerstone promotion strategies, but they aren’t the only ones I use.  
I can’t guarantee your results because I don’t know the competition of your keywords or how well you’ve optimized your sites.

Can You Guarantee the Links Will Stay Up?

Again, no.  Accounts and/or profiles can get deleted.  Domains expire and don’t get renewed.  There will always be link attrition.  That’s why it is important to always be working on your link building efforts.

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

Good question.  Again, it somewhat depends on your niche.  With my own sites, it seems that some SERP’s just have more “give” than others and you see the impact of your link building faster.  
With my personal campaigns, I see the biggest move begin when the urls start running through my indexers.  As the urls are drip fed through the indexing system, it takes time for them all to run through.  What will happen is that as the link urls are indexed, they will rise in the SERP’s.  Then as the “link juice” from those urls starts to filter through to your target/money site, that site will jump up in the SERP’s.
This is assuming you have a site that hasn’t been penalized and you at least have semi decent on site optimization and content.

What’s With All the Food?

 Well, for one, most things to do with SEO are along the links of “link blaster,” “Ranking Rocket,” or “Turbo Blast.”  I wanted to name them something different. 🙂

Second, I really do see backlink building as all about the layers and mixing it up.  When I first started creating my own campaign diagrams in SE Nuke, I came up with the name “link tiramisu” for one of my multi level campaign . . . and then I decided to just go with it.