The Secret of Internet Marketing

the magic bulletIf you’ve been thinking about getting into internet niche marketing for any time at all, you’ve probably come across offers from people who claim to be able to teach you “the secret” to making money online.

Am I right?

Now these people may be successful and their methods may work for them; however, the main reason so many people get disillusioned in their efforts to find a way to make money online is that the majority of  people who buy them do so thinking they will be getting something that just doesn’t exist . . .

There is no magic bullet in internet marketing!

There is no program, no software, no training course, no report, no mentoring . . . nothing . . . where you can fork over some money and in exchange become a millionaire overnight.

If you happen across good instruction, it can give a solid foundation to start out; however, even the best teacher won’t be able to make you a success.

You are the only one that can make yourself a success

People spend literally tens of thousands of dollars on training programs, to see no results.  I’ve read posts by people who say, “I’ve been studying this for a year, I think I’m ready to get started.”   . . . Are you kidding? ? ? ?

You can have all the information there is to have in front of you and you still won’t make a dime until you jump in and DO!  You won’t truly learn it until you do it yourself.

Yes, you will have some flops.  But with every failure, look at it and see if you can analyze why it didn’t work . . . and then don’t do that again.

The Real Secret to Internet Marketing

I’ll tell you the real secret.  It is:

  1. Creating Content
  2. Building Backlinks

That’s it.  If you aren’t willing to commit to doing those two things daily, then forget about internet marketing and go try your luck at the lottery . . . you’ll have much better odds.

If you are just starting out you may want to spend 50 percent of your time reading instructional information and 50 percent doing.   Once you have been in it for a couple of months, that should be down to 25 percent reading and 75 percent doing.

After six months, don’t spend any more than 10 percent of your time in activities that aren’t directly related to building up your web properties.  Reading forums looking for the next best thing (remember, there is no magic bullet) won’t make you any money.

Getting Started in Internet Marketing

You don’t have to spend any money at all to get started.  All you need is:

Decide which niche marketing strategy you want to start with, then research, research, research your keywords.

Experiment with ranking for your keywords on a 2.0 site like Hubpages, Squidoo, or Blogger.  When you get to a point where you can recognize what a low competition keyword is, THAT is the time to start thinking about your own site.

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