SE Nuke X Free Trial: Update 2

Day two of using SE Nuke X went a little better.  (If you haven’t already read my overview of the program titled, “Is SENuke X worth it?” you might want to do so before reading the updates.)

The system wasn’t crashing as much.  However, when I checked that first campaign while 174 accounts were successfully created, only 12 urls were actually created and none of the RSS submissions or Social Bookmarking projects were actually run that were included in the campaign.

Which is actually a good thing, because the generated posts weren’t that pretty. 

Lesson Learned:  Do a small test first before going whole hog.

Since SENX has a conniption if you aren’t using The Best Spinner, I decided to just go ahead and get a subscription.  It’s $7 for a 7 day trial and then you are billed $77 for a one year subscription if you keep it.

The content creation and spinning went more smoothly.  I don’t know if that is because I had was using the TBS api or if some of the problems with the server launch were ironed out.

Regardless, I created another campaign and used one of the bigger campaign diagrams.  I started the campaign and the account creation started.

It went through the first account creation fairly smoothly.  However, when it got to the forum profile creation task, it stalled for some reason.  Not only did it stall, but it didn’t go on to any of the other tasks either.  I had to go in and start that task manually.

Once it ran through, I had a total of 764 accounts created and then SENX went on to the actual posting tasks.  Between all of the properties, it generate a total of 1,100 urls.  This probably should have been scheduled out over more than just a day. 

Which brings me to my next point.  Obviously I overdid it on that campaign as far as number of links created in a day, but even so, the 50 url index limit is just . . . well so low that you really can’t even count the built in indexer as a viable option.  The number of url’s created was even more than the total queue allowed.

So if you are a serious link builder, the SENX indexer might be nice as a little extra boost, but you are going to have to go with another option to get full coverage for your links like Backlink Energizer.  Now if they added an integration with Linklicious . . . that might be a different story.

Try SENuke X free for 14 days.

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