Some Random Thoughts on Writing Articles and Goals for 2011

I’ve set my goals for my niche sites for 2011, created a spreadsheet to track what I’m doing and have started in.  It’s nothing earth shattering.  My plan is to continue what I’ve already been doing but to do it more consistently.

My main goal for my “passive” sites is to focus on a set of my newer domains.  For each site, each week I will:

  • Add one new original article to the site
  • Rewrite the article and put it through a full round of promotion (bookmark it, boost it, hand submit to the top article directories, spin and submit it with my article submitter, spin the crap out of the titles and submit it to NPP, submit it as a post on a 2nd tier link wheel, submit a spun version to a couple of private networks, run it through Simple Leveraging, run all these urls through my indexing system and Linklicious  . . . and that’s about it. 🙂 )
  • Build out a linknet for one site per week.

Again nothing new or earth shattering.  Since these sites are my “side projects,” sometimes I neglect my own stuff.

But my main focus for 2011, both for my niche sites and my business is to focus on building my own assets.

On Writing Articles

I’ve always liked to write, but sometimes I’ve struggled with it.  There have been periods of time where it was really difficult for me to get motivated to compose something.

There were two things that helped change this for me.

The first was health related.  I discovered a year ago that I am gluten intolerant.  While it was causing several different health issues for me, some of which were quite severe, one of the symptoms was “foggy thinking.”  It got to a point where it was extremely difficult to even string words together.

A note on gluten and food intolerance:  The most well known type of gluten intolerance is celiac disease.  In people who are celiac, the gluten actually triggers their body into attacking itself.  The villi in the intestines are destroyed, preventing your body from absorbing the nutrients that it digests.    That is the extreme end of gluten intolerance.

However, even if you aren’t celiac and simply have a less severe form of intolerance, it can still cause many health problems which mimic disease and can be very difficult for doctors to diagnose.  I’ve read that three out of four people have some form of food intolerance.  I discovered my intolerance after doing a 28 day detox diet.  However, you can also discover what you are allergic to through a blood test.

After I cut out gluten from my diet and my body got in balance, the difference in my focus and mental clarity was like night and day.  The creativity came back and the words started to flow.

The second game changer for me was when I bought the report, “How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes” by Jason Fladien.  Before I started in niche marketing, it would take me an average of one and a half to two hours to write an article.  Eventually, I was able to get that down to 45 minutes, which I thought was great.

However, I kept reading about people who could write 7 to 8 articles in an hour, which was just absolutely mind blowing to me.  I just could not understand how they could possibly write that fast.

So when I came across that report, I had to buy it.

Immediately after I read the report, I sat down and was able to write a 600 word article in 20 minutes.

One thing I discovered about my writing was that I used to bounce around and try to cover too much in an article, which really slowed me down as I would have to keep going back and revising it.

A clear mind and a solid strategy have made a huge difference in my writing productivity.

Now if I don’t write as much as I should, it’s procrastination pure and simple.

Starting Off the New Year

Yesterday I started on my 2011 goals with writing the original articles for my sites.  I track it in Excel (I like visual validation of my progress,) and I am also timing how long it takes me to write each so I can schedule and manage my time better.   I bought this cute little desktop application called Egg Timer Plus to track it (it’s only $5 :D.)  This is what I found:

  • Some articles took me only 8 minutes to write.
  • Some took me 20 minutes
  • The average time was 12 minutes for a 400 word article.
  • Some of the articles that it took me 8 minutes to write, took me 30 to rewrite 🙁

Two of the sites that I’m focusing on promoting are . . . I’d call them mini authority hubs.  I’ve written SO many article variations for my keywords that I could practically write them in my sleep.  The articles for these sites took me the shortest amount of time.

The other 6 are product oriented sites.  I don’t know why, but these are the most difficult for me, both the original version and the rewrites.  It’s easier for me if the article is more information oriented.  What I need to really focus on is learning to write these product articles faster and more effectively.

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