I frequent several online marketing forums and occasion comment on programs I use and different strategies.

One thing that I see over and over and over is that many people won’t try anything unless they are absolutely certain that it is absolutely foolproof.

If you need an absolutely guarantee of success, internet marketing just is not for you.  Go try . . . well, I don’t know what to tell you to try.  Nothing in life is a sure thing.

Take link wheels for example.  Someone posted their strategy on … Read the rest

I’ve set my goals for my niche sites for 2011, created a spreadsheet to track what I’m doing and have started in.  It’s nothing earth shattering.  My plan is to continue what I’ve already been doing but to do it more consistently.

My main goal for my “passive” sites is to focus on a set of my newer domains.  For each site, each week I will:

  • Add one new original article to the site
  • Rewrite the article and put it through a full round of promotion (bookmark it, boost it,
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I just received this email and wanted to share.

The creators of Traffic Travis are running a giveaway and 15 Traffic Travis users will receive a free upgrade to the professional version.  I already have a Pro copy and the unlimited keyword searches and the ability to save reports does come in handy.

Here’s a copy of the email along with instructions on how to enter:

We’re very excited to be able to let you know that Traffic Travis has just hit the 150,000 download mark on CNET.com!

Yes, Traffic

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the magic bulletIf you’ve been thinking about getting into internet niche marketing for any time at all, you’ve probably come across offers from people who claim to be able to teach you “the secret” to making money online.

Am I right?

Now these people may be successful and their methods may work for them; however, the main reason so many people get disillusioned in their efforts to find a way to make money online is that the majority of  people who buy them do so thinking they will be getting something that … Read the rest

So here’s the story.  After I had my “ah ha!” moment and discovered niche marketing, I spent several months researching and playing around with different site models. I was already familiar with the direct sales website ad revenue from my community site and  I had my sites based on the Niche Profit Classroom method, but I also experimented with Clickbank review sites, Xfactor style Adsense sites, and Amazon.

One of the places I researched was the Warrior Forum and I came across a number of posts by people talking … Read the rest