May has been insanely busy for me.  I moved.  I had massive problems getting my internet reconnected (a story for another day.)  I’ve had a ton of new business come in for my “day” job, which is awesome, but combine that with moving and internet issues, and the phrase “insanely busy” is a major understatement. 

During all of this, I’ve been trying to keep everything organized and on top of everything.

For my business, I have a ticket system to keep track of client updates that need to be … Read the rest

Let me start this off with a confession.  I would make a sucky counselor.  The worst on the planet.  Psychology always interested me, but I knew it was not something that I wanted to pursue as a career path for two reason.

First, listening to people’s problems day after day would drain me.  I know I wouldn’t be able to leave it at the office at the end of the day.  Even now, when I see someone dead set for disaster . . . and it doesn’t even have anything … Read the rest

Event planning has been on my mind for the past week.

A little backstory.  Eight years ago, a friend of mine called up, said she wanted to plan a community egg hunt and asked for my help.  I thought, “It’s Easter eggs, how hard can it be?”

Six years later, that event had grown into a festival with not only an egg hunt, but carnival games, entertainment, over 80 vendors and sponsors, and 4,000 people attending.

It was awesome and I loved the event, but it was an insane amount … Read the rest

In my post, “Is SE Nuke X Worth It?,” I mentioned SEO Link Robot as one of the programs that could be used in tandem as an alternative to SE Nuke for a lower cost option that would have the same coverage.

In the price comparison, I used the one time fee of $197 for SEO Link Robot (SEOLR.)

However, today . . . April 20, 2011 . . . is the last day for the one off fee.

After today, SEOLR will be sold as a monthly … Read the rest

One of my little niche sites is based on the Niche Profit Classroom.  As I mentioned on my “about” page, it was that program that really made the light bulb go off regarding hyper niche marketing.

NPC is a training program, but it also provides members with two niche topics per month, complete with research, an ebook to sell as an info product, an auto responder series, and a set of articles to start off your site.

Anyway, the first site that I built on the model has been making … Read the rest

I schedule another campaign with SENuke X (read more at “Is SENuke X worth it”) but other than that I’ve taken a break over the weekend.

However, the developers of SENuke are offering special pricing on their yearly and lifetime pricing.

The standard monthly subscription will be $147.  Until midnight on April 12th, you can get a yearly license for $997 or a lifetime option for $1,997.  The lifetime license has a three pay option of $697.

Try SENuke X free for 14 days.Read the rest

The thought for the day:

When all else fails, READ THE DIRECTIONS.

This is an update to my post, “Is SENuke X worth it?”

I’ve used a lot of different programs for many different purposes.  Normally, it is pretty easy for me to figure out how to do what.  If I can’t, I either skim through the instruction manual or Google it.

SENX “looks” deceptively easy to use.  I’ve used several other submitters and many of them are set up in the same format.  I thought, “how hard … Read the rest

Day two of using SE Nuke X went a little better.  (If you haven’t already read my overview of the program titled, “Is SENuke X worth it?” you might want to do so before reading the updates.)

The system wasn’t crashing as much.  However, when I checked that first campaign while 174 accounts were successfully created, only 12 urls were actually created and none of the RSS submissions or Social Bookmarking projects were actually run that were included in the campaign.

Which is actually a good thing, because … Read the rest

Updated October 2011

There has been a lot of buzz the past month over SENukeX which was just released yesterday.  Of course there were the promo emails from the usual suspects that pimp anything and everything under the sun.  However, there was also a lot of positive feedback from people that I know that actually make a living from creating and ranking sites rather than just selling to their list.

So I caved.

I prefer to be able to buy a program outright rather than pay a monthly fee and … Read the rest

As I mentioned in my other post titled, “Is SENuke X Worth It?” I am taking advantage of the the 14 day trial.  I’m going to be posting my thoughts as I work through using the system.

Day 1:

I downloaded this on April 6th, which was the day after the initial launch.  I guess it could have been worse, but that first day was a nightmare.  The main site kept going down, the program kept crashing and there were at least three updates that day.  The … Read the rest