Be Like Nike and Just Do It

I frequent several online marketing forums and occasion comment on programs I use and different strategies.

One thing that I see over and over and over is that many people won’t try anything unless they are absolutely certain that it is absolutely foolproof.

If you need an absolutely guarantee of success, internet marketing just is not for you.  Go try . . . well, I don’t know what to tell you to try.  Nothing in life is a sure thing.

Take link wheels for example.  Someone posted their strategy on the Backlinks Forum spelling out almost every detail of what they do, what works for them, explaining it all and even provided a diagram.  It was an awesome share, one that people would be selling as a WSO on the Warrior Forum.

So anytime a link wheel question comes up, I link back to that post because why explain what has already been explained so well.  Right?

Then because I keep linking to this post, I get questions and PM’s:

Won’t it create a footprint?

It’s a big internet out there, just mix up your tier one properties

What if they delete your account?

Again . . . it’s a big internet out there, find another platform that isn’t so persnickety or write better content.  So what if they delete it . . . it’s a FREE account.

What if I have to create 10, 20 30 . . . 100 accounts, that’s a lot of unique articles.

Yes it is.  No one ever said it was easy (well some people did, but not me.)  What is ranking for that keyword worth to you?  How badly do you want it?

Just do it!

Try it out.

See what works.

Internet marketing has one of the lowest costs of entry for a viable business model that you will ever find anywhere. Where else can you slap down $20 bucks for domain and hosting with the potential of such a great return?  And if you go the bum marketing route, you don’t have to invest anything at all other than your time.

Quit looking for reasons why something might not work.  Dig in and do it and see what does work for yourself.

What if Mexico invades tomorrow?

What if the internet implodes?

What if . . . What if . . . What if . . .

Here’s a “What if” you should really be worrying about.

What if you never get any further in internet marketing than reading the forums because you are so worried about what might happen.

Here is a universal truth no matter what your career path . . .

Life happens.

No matter how safe you try to play it, no matter how hard you try to avoid loss, it will get you.  Even people who make the best choices will get knocked down and put through the wringer a few times.   You just have to suck it up, deal with it, and keep on going.

It’s what you make of those situations that make you.

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