Is SENukeX Worth It?

Updated October 2011

There has been a lot of buzz the past month over SENukeX which was just released yesterday.  Of course there were the promo emails from the usual suspects that pimp anything and everything under the sun.  However, there was also a lot of positive feedback from people that I know that actually make a living from creating and ranking sites rather than just selling to their list.

So I caved.

I prefer to be able to buy a program outright rather than pay a monthly fee and I like to have as much control as possible over what gets created and what is output.  If I am going to be paying for something every month, it has to be worth it.

SENukeX is a monthly subscription (although there are payment options for a yearly and lifetime license.)

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

What is SENuke?

So what is SENuke?  SENuke is a desktop based platform  and seo software that allows you to automate many of the tasks involved with creating a content network and building backlinks.

  • Niche Research
  • Social Network Accounts
  • Web 2.0 Accounts
  • Article Directory Submission
  • Video Directory Submission
  • RSS Submission
  • Forum Profile Creation
  • Press Release Submission
  • Ping Links
  • Index Links

And why would you need this megalith of a program when all you’re interested in building your own web site and ranking it?

Well, it’s not that simple and if you are trying to gain traction in the search engines for keywords that have any competition at all focusing solely on your own web site, you will be ensured of disappointment.

Ranking in the search engines doesn’t just take good content, no matter what all the blogging guru’s try to tell you.

If you have been buying into the “if you write good content, people will naturally link to you” and have been struggling to get more than a trickle of traffic . . . I will tell you what the problem is.

The whole “if you build it, they will come,” philosophy is a load of crap!  It’s not true.  But more on that another day.

The reality is that you need backlinks to your site, and you need layers of backlinks.  Yes, your backlinks need backlinks!

Is your head starting to sweat thinking about all that work?

Well that is where automation systems such as SENuke come in.  SENuke has been speeding up this process since 2008 and just launched the new and improved version SENukeX.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

SE Nuke X Review

I know a lot of people are wondering if there is a way to do the same thing that SE Nuke does without the price tag.  Since the the program is so massive and the features are so comprehensive, there really isn’t a program that compares other than Brute Force SEO, and that is more expensive at $157 a month.

So to answer the question, “is there a less expensive alternative to SE Nuke X?”  I’m going to look at each component of the program and see how it compares to other features in terms of ease of use, breadth of distribution, and price.  Hopefully after you read this comparison, you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not SE Nuke X is worth buying.

A note on submitters:  If you haven’t used many of the automated programs that are out there, the one thing that makes or breaks the program is how easy the initial account creation is.  That is the key.

For example, Incansoft’s programs (RSSBot, PressBot, SocialBot, etc.) have semi automated account creation.  You enter the profile information in the set up and it will guide you to the sign up page, populate the sign up fields with the information you entered for the profile.  Then you have to go and manually verify the email.  It’s a lot easier than doing it all manually; however, you still have to sit and do it.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

One of the reasons that premium programs can demand a higher price tag is their handling of the account creation and verification.  With programs such as Magic Submitter, SE Nuke, SEO Link Robot, Article Marketing Robot, etc., it will create the accounts pretty much hands off with decapture integration and also verify the emails.  The one difference between SE Nuke and the rest is that with SENX, you don’t have to start each phase (create accounts, verify emails,) it will go from one to the next automatically.  You just set up the campaign, press “Go”, and come back in a few hours and it is done.

SENukeX Niche Research

I was curious to see what the niche research module of the program entailed.  Basically, you just enter your keyword and the program searches for sites using the site:allintitle command in Google.  Based on the number of results returned, it will tell you whether or not the keyword is difficult or easy.

My Opinion:  The number of pages that has the keyword in the title isn’t a good indicator of the difficulty.  It does give you a broad overview of the usage of the keyword, but what really matters is how tough the results on page 1 will be to beat.  You  have to analyze those pages to really know what you are looking at to rank.

The one thing that was interesting to me was the “niche ideas” option.  However, it just links within the program itself to those resources, such as Ebay Pulse and Hot Sellers on Amazon.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

Alternate programs:

Traffic TravisTraffic Travis will pull those same metrics, plus more.  There is a free version and the Professional version is only $97 for a one time payment.

Market Samurai:  In my opinion, Market Samurai (MS) is still the research tool for niche marketing.  There is just no comparison with the SENukeX research tools and MS.  Rather than a monthly subscription, Market Samurai is a one time payment of $167.

Verdict:  The niche research portion rounds out the offering of the program, but I wouldn’t base my decision whether or not to buy it.

SENukeX Social Network Accounts

One thing that has been bandied about is Google’s statement that “social signals” will play more of a role in ranking a site as time goes on.  So in other words, the more your site is mentioned, bookmarked, “liked” and linked to from the multiple of social networks out there, the more that will help you rank on keywords.

There are 28 social networking sites that the SENukeX system will create profiles on each campaign.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

Alternate Social Network Submission Programs

SEO Link Robot: SEO Link Robot (SEOLR) is a link wheel/link pyramid/mininet/link push/whatever-you-want-to-call-it program from Stephen Hawkins.

The program auto creates accounts and submits to a list of 25 2.0 sites and allows you to interlink between them.

Currently SEOLR is a one time payment of $197; however, there has been talk of it moving to a monthly subscription model.  If you purchase the program before it goes to a subscription basis, you will receive free updates for the lifetime of the program.  It’s a pretty good deal.  I have one of Stephen’s other programs and love it, I bought SEOLR as soon as it was available in the prelaunch.

(Update: SEOLR is no longer available as a one time payment.  It is now $57 per month, or you can get a free trial by using this link.)

Magic Submitter: While I do own Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter which are from the same developer, I don’t own Magic Submitter so I can’t give you a good comparison.

The one main difference is that you can add your own sites to Magic Submitter versus with SENukeX you can only use the sites that are currently in the system.  Magic Submitter is a monthly subscription of $67.

VerdictSENuke allows you to easily integrate social network sites and profiles in your link nets.  Is it worth paying the monthly fee versus using some of the other programs with a one time payment or lower monthly fee?

Just for the creation/submission feature alone, for myself since I already have other programs that will do the same thing, the answer would be no.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

However, one thing I would watch for is whether or not it allows you to vote for stories/submissions between your profile, and even other SENuke user’s profiles in the same category.  If that happens, that is a game changer and may even be worth the cost of the subscription alone.

SE Nuke X Web 2.0 Profile and Submission

SENukeX will automatically create profiles on approximately 50 Web 2.0 networks.  These are then used in a variety of ways depending on the format of the site.  There are some video sites, forum profile sites, etc.

Alternate Programs

I haven’t used SENuke enough to know the in’s and out’s of all the sites used in the network; however, in comparison, I do have a couple other programs that will submit to similar sites.

For example, Incansoft’s VideoBot submits to most of the major video directories and Sick Submitter can be programmed to submit to just about any type of web platform out there.  VideoBot is a one time payment of $29.95 and Sick Submitter is a $19.95 monthly fee.  

(Update:  I’ve noticed that Incansoft pulled Videobot from their catalog and is not currently available for sale.  They’ve been doing an overhaul of a lot of their software programs, so I’m guessing that one will be rereleased in the near future.  As an alternative, Tube Mogul is another option and I’ve read a lot of people recommending PixelPipe recently. )

SENuke X Article Directory Submitter

Another feature is the article directory submission module that can be used within the link network of your campaigns.  There are about 75 directories in the system.

While it is nice to be able to automate articles within a link net rather than flat out submissions, this small selection doesn’t really compare with the submitters out there that are dedicate solely to articles, and even some of the all purpose submitters.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

Alternate Programs:

  • Sick Submitter: Has an article directory submission option and directories can be added.  .99 per month.
  • SEO Link Robot:  Submits to the top 10 66 article directories.  Monthly fee of : click here for a free trial
  • Magic Article Submitter:  While considered a dinosaur in terms of internet marketing tools, this is one of the first submitters I purchased and still use (if it works, why buy something else?)  One time payment of   (Update:  I finally gave up MAS and switched to Article Marketing Robot)
  • Magic Submitter:  Again, I haven’t used this program myself; however, it is a popular submitter used by many and article submission is one of the options.  a month.
  • Article Marketing RobotAMR is currently the “hot” article submitter that a lot of people use.  It creates accounts, can spin your article, automatically submit and check for live links in submitted and published articles.  It also has a scheduling feature that allows you to set up campaigns.  Not only does it submit to several thousand article directories, but it also gives you the capability to add your own sites, such as self hosted WordPress blogs, which would allow you to easily manage and update your own blog network.  One time payment of .

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

Verdict: I would look at the article submission module as a way to mix up the web properties in your link nets.  If you are serious about article marketing in and of itself, I would go with a dedicated article submitter like Article Marketing Robot.

SENukeX RSS Submission

One of the core components of marketing and promoting a site in the 21st century is the utilization of RSS feeds, submissions, and directories.  An RSS feed (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) lists the most recent content on a site.  Examples of this are post on a blog, stories from a magazine, or your latest tweets.

In turn, this feed can be used to publish your stories on another site or submit to RSS directories and aggregators.  This is an essential way to get the search engines crawling your site on a frequent basis.

SENukeX takes advantage of the power of RSS feeds in a couple of ways.  First, it creates accounts on 30 RSS aggregators.  This is all done automatically using the information given in the profile when you first set up your campaign.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

After all of the accounts are created, it will then take the RSS feed for every web property that provides one for the profiles you just created and automatically submit them to the RSS aggregators.

Alternate Programs:

There are actually quite a few programs that will submit and ping your RSS feeds.  There is a feature that is part of SEO Link Robot and Sick Submitter.  There are also stand alone programs, such as RSSBot (from Incansoft) and RSS Submit.

SE Nuke URL Pinger

Another feature of the program is that it will automatically take all of the url’s that were created and will “ping them,” basically telling the search engines, “I’m here!.”  While not a guarantee, it does increase the chances that the page/profile/site you just created will get found and indexed.

Alternate Programs

Both SEO Link Robot and Sick Submitter have pinging options for the URL’s created

SENuke X Indexer

This feature is restricted to full members and isn’t available in the trial version, so I haven’t tried it out.

However going back to what I mentioned before, creating backlinks to your site doesn’t do you any good if the search engines don’t know that they are there.  So in order to give the pages with your links on them the best chance to be found, and hopefully indexed, a variety of methods have been created to automatically create backlinks to your backlinks and build up “indexing networks.”

In order to offer a truly all-in-one solution, SENuke X has added an indexing module to the automated system, which will take the links created and run them through their own proprietary indexing system.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

There is a 50 url limit per day.  If more than 50 links are created in a day, the overage will be put in a queue to be run the next day.  Up to 500 urls can be in a queue.

Alternate Programs:

There are a number of options out there to index links.  Backlink Booster (from Sean Donahoe,) Backlink Index Express, and Backlink Energizer are all programs that allow you to build an indexing network that you control yourself.  IndexBear,, and Nuclear Link Indexer are proprietary networks that you can submit to.  That is just to mention a few.

Personally, I think it is a complete waste of time to create any backlinks without running the urls through some sort of indexing system.  You have to be doing something.

I’ve tried a number of the programs and services and what I am using now is Backlink Energizer.  I’m not going to get into the in’s and outs of how it works, but essentially you have one clean WordPress installation with the plugin that you host that is the workhorse.  It pushes out syndicated content that contain links back to your backlinks to a set of 2.0 sites, additional self hosted WordPress sites, or a combination of both.  So each backlink you send through the system can have up to a total of 18 backlinks pointed back to it once it is through the system.

Now the thing to remember about any indexing system is that it takes time to juice up the system to where posted links are indexed quickly.  Just like with any other type of site, if you are building your own networking system you should be also building it up with backlinks as well.

Since I’m a control freak, I like having my own network.  Some people don’t want to deal with setting up the sites, promoting and maintaining the indexers and so they prefer to go with a third party indexing system.  That is where SENuke X steps in and pulls the last little piece together.  Your urls will be submitted to their aged and established indexing network.

An Alternate System to SENuke X

As you can see from this post, there are several viable and less expensive alternatives to SENukeX that will do individual tasks.  What makes SENuke stand out from the pack is the hands-off automation and visual diagramming of the process flow.

Let’s say I want to use my existing tools and create a mininet for a particular keyword.

Content Creation

Account Creation and Content Submission: SEO Link Robot

  • Next I would open up SEO Link Robot and create a profile for the campaign
  • While in SEOLR, I would run the auto creation for the 2.0 properties.
  • Once that was done, I would go next to the bookmarking account set-up and run the auto creation for that as well.
  • Finally, I would create the RSS accounts for the profile.
  • With the initial account creation done, I would put my article in the spintax in the article submission field setting the location for the anchor text, and let the program run.
  • With the 2.0 mininet created, I would then go to the the bookmarking tab, enter the spintax for the title keywords and description and let the program run through the urls bookmarking.
  • Next I would go to the RSS tab, and submit all the RSS feeds for the 2.0 and bookmarking sites.
  • Once that was done, I would go to the Fast Indexer tab and run all of the 2.0 sites through the Fast Indexer.
  • Then I would take all of the urls and run them through the Pinger

SEO Link Robot is quite a powerhouse, but we need to pull in a couple of extra tools to take care of the rest.

Forum Profile Creation: Sick Submitter

I would take all of the urls for the 2.0 sites, individual posts created where application, bookmarking urls, and RSS feeds and run through profile creation with Sick Submitter.

Indexing: Backlink Energizer

Finally, I would take all of the urls created, both in SEO Link Robot and in the profile creation with Sick Submitter, and slap them into Backlink Energizer for indexing.

While all of these steps listed about are semi, if not fully, automated, the process still requires attending and someone to move the process from one step to the next.

If you aren’t working, backlinks aren’t going to be built.

Where SENuke X Shines

Where SENukeX really stands out from the crowd is that everything I’ve mentioned before can be totally automated and completely hands off.

You don’t have to babysit the programs and get the next step started.  The program does it for you.

All you have to do is fill out the initial campaign information, choose a campaign structure, schedule it, and then let it go.  If the computer that SE NukeX is running on crashes or shuts down, the program will automatically restart when the computer does and pick up where it left off.

You get an overview of the activities in the campaign, if they have been completed and/or when they are scheduled.  You also get a list of all the accounts created and urls to the content.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

There are two other things that I really liked about the program.

Auto Content Creation

The first was the auto content creation.  If you have a particular keyword you want to promote, all you have to do is enter the keyword click a button, and SENukeX will pull relevant information from a variety of sources to automatically create an article.

The program is closely integrated with The Best Spinner (which is actually my main peeve with the program since it isn’t the one I use.)  If you own it, all of the spinnable areas will be auto spun with it.

Update:  In a recent update, SE Nuke X added a built-in spinner so while you can still use The Best Spinner, it will spin your content without it.  Just leave the TBS credentials blank.

Drag and Drop Visual Diagramming

The second thing that I really loved was the drag and drop visual diagramming of the campaigns.  Let’s say you want 2.0 sites and social networks in the first tier of your campaign, article directories in the second, and all of the properties to be submitted to the RSS directories, pinged, and indexed.

You can diagram a campaign that will do just that.

But what if you aren’t sure about how to set it up or the structure it should be in?

The program comes with a number of preset link diagrams that you can use in your campaigns.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

This is helpful both to get used to the program, as well as for those new to link building itself and aren’t sure of the best way to model it.

Who is SE Nuke X for?

  • SE Nuke is for people who are serious about ranking sites.
  • It is a good option for those who are somewhat new to layered link building and will benefit from the guided structure.
  • It is for people who are looking for a more hands off approach that they can “set and forget.”
  • It is for people who need to leverage their time to get more done.

SE Nuke X Cost Comparison

Below is a cost comparison of the different features of SE Nuke and the alternative programs needed to perform the same function.  I just included the minimum programs to get the same coverage.

For example, you might want to purchase Article Marketing Robot to get a broader article distribution.  Or you might want to purchase SEO hosting so that you can create self hosted WordPress blogs to expand your indexing network with Backlink Energizer.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

SE Nuke X has several payment options.  The older version was $127 a month.  It has been stated numerous times that the price would go up to $147 a month at a minimum after the launch of the new version.

However, when I signed up today, my subscription was still at the old price of $127.  Maybe they just didn’t bump the price yet as they were overwhelmed during the launch (to put it mildly.)

When you subscribe, there is a one time offer for two different options.  The first is a lifetime license for a one time payment of $1997.  If you haven’t used SE Nuke X before, I’m sure you would be hesitant to plop down that kind of money without a trial.  I definitely would be.  However, the program has been around since 2008 and I’m sure that many of the program’s long time users have taken advantage of that offer.

The second offer is a yearly license of $997, which brings the monthly cost down to $83 a month.  Looking at it that way . . . especially when you consider the savings in time (and what is your time worth?) . . . it doesn’t seem like such a big chunk.

Update:  The monthly pricing is now $147 and the yearly and lifetime license option are not currently available.  They did recently offer the lifetime license again for a couple of days after a major upgrade.  If you are interested in the lifetime license, be sure to sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send out updates as I’m made aware of them.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

So is SE Nuke X Worth It?

That is really for you to answer for yourself.  It depends on your goals for your site, whether or not you already have tools that do the same things, and whether or not you have staff already that is helping do some of these tasks.

I will tell you this.  It is very difficult, if not next to impossible, to create the sort of volume of backlinks necessary to rank for even moderately competitive keywords without some sort of automation.

Internet Marketing isn’t a game for hobbyists anymore.

You are either in or you are out.

If you are in, you have to be armed with the proper tools to play the game.

Alternate Programs
Niche Research
Market Samurai
$167 one time
Social Network Creation
SEO Link Robot
$57 per month 
Web 2.0 Profile Acct Creation
Sick Submitter
$19.99 per month
Video Submission
$29.95 one time
Tube Mogul or PixelPipe
RSS Submission
SEO Link Robot or
Sick Submitter
Forum Profile Submission
Sick Submitter
Press Release Submission

.95 one time or SEO Link Robot

Ping urls
SEO Link Robot or
Sick Submitter
Index URLs
Backlink Energizer
$47 one time
Premade bliss clusters
$27 one time (optional)
$147 per month
$214 one time
& $76 per month ** Using Marketing Samurai and Backlink Energizer (one time payments) and SEO Link Robot and Sick Submitter (monthly)

About the Tools

There are a lot of competing tools out there in the internet niche marketing arena.  Obviously, I haven’t mentioned all of them that do some of the same things as SE Nuke.    However, the ones I mentioned in this post are ones that I either use, or have used,  myself or that I’ve trialed.

I personally use and love SEO Link Robot and it is so easy to use that it is making it a very difficult decision for me on whether or not I will switch to SE Nuke.  Other than the complete automation of SENX and the pretty campaign diagrams, SEOLR does most everything that SENX does, and what it doesn’t, Sick Submitter covers.

Try SENuke X Free for 14 days

So this isn’t a review where I’m going to tell you that this is the best program ever (although it is pretty dang awesome) and that you HAVE to have it because I haven’t made that decision for myself yet.

If I was just starting out and hadn’t already invested in so many programs and tools, it would probably be an easier decision for me in favor of SENuke.

But I do have all these tools and I have my backlinking system pretty much down with the occasional tweaks, along with a tracking system in Excel.  In order to get the same breadth in my link nets that I’m doing now, I would have to spend some serious time designing a campaign template (and the system does allow that.)

The one thing that is really appealing to me is that I could set up all my campaigns at once, schedule them, and not have to worry about it for a month, or even longer, without having to outsource the work.

I’m going to finish out the trial and see how it runs, and then we’ll see.  Let me know about your own experiences with SE Nuke.

Update:  I did purchase SE Nuke and have been using it for several months now.  It allows me to get a much broader base in my backlinking campaigns and automate part of it.  With this part automated, it leaves more time to focus on the high PR links that should be built manually.

I am now offering SE Nuke campaign packages.  So if you aren’t ready to invest in the membership, or just don’t want to deal with it yourself, order one of the packages.  After the campaign completes, I run all of the created urls through my own indexing network for an added boost.

Frequently Asked Questions About SE Nuke

Q:  Are there daily or monthly limits with SE Nuke submissions?

A:  No.  There are not limitations on the submissions.  You can promote as many domains and urls as you like and set up as many campaigns as you want.  This is the reason that the program is popular among marketers doing SEO for local businesses as well as internet marketers that have multiple sites.

Free Trials

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9 Comments on "Is SENukeX Worth It?"

  1. Niche Chick
    05/01/2011 at 9:47 pm Permalink

    This was the best review of SENukeX vs alternative programs that I’ve read so far. You sound like you actually care about what you’re reviewing. I’ve seen a lot of crap out there.

    I use SENukeX right now. I’m still a newbie and this is helping me understand link building. I do see myself migrating toward the likes of what you are doing. It seems that most of the programs do one thing really good because that is their focus.

    It is hard to create something that is perfect in all areas which makes sense to use a bunch of smaller programs that do what they do well than to use a big one that tries to cover all areas.

    Thanks for the post, you helped a lot.

  2. Niche Chick
    Niche Chick
    05/01/2011 at 11:38 pm Permalink


    I’m glad it helped. For me, it was the automation that sold me, but I’m still using my other programs in conjunction that are more focused on one specific area. SE Nuke I mainly use for the link wheels.

    And you’re right, there is definitely a learning curve. I’m still tweaking my strategy.

    I don’t know if I already said this, but I don’t think I’d recommend this for someone that was new to link building and didn’t already have a strategy. Actually, I don’t think people should buy any automation tool until they’ve done it manually and can recognize the value of what the tool brings. But for me, multi-layer link wheels were something I was already doing.



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