EzineArticles Loses Its Mind Post Panda

google panda update

If you are involved in anything online, it is impossible that you haven’t heard about the Google’s Panda update in it’s algorithm.

Which, by the way, is an incredible stupid name.  What exactly is it supposed to mean anyway?  People in the search world labeled it the “Farmer” update as ostensibly it’s target was content farms.  That would have made sense.

But some Google engineer had decided that they would call it Panda so that is the “official” name however stupid it may be.  I have to wonder what he was thinking.  Had he just taken his kid to the zoo?  . . . Just watched Kung Foo Panda?

Whatever the source, my advice to the guy is to stay away from branding . . . you suck at it.

So there is this big upset post Panda.  Major sites, particularly article directories, take a huge hit.  This is after a first quarter of crazy updates.

And EA reacts.  They start deleting crap articles out of their directory, raise the minimum word count to 400 words, and say they are tightening up their standards.

Whatever.  To me, it’s not that big of  a deal.  It’s an article directory! If they become too big of a pain in the butt to submit to, I’ll just skip them.

Do I get traffic from the articles?  Yes, but I get traffic from other places that I submit to as well.  Actually, the traffic I get from EA doesn’t even come close to the traffic I get from blog commenting.

And ArticleBase beats EA for syndication.

Stupid EzineArticle Editors

So what’s my beef?  I’ve had TWO recent submissions get kicked back because it said that the article “didn’t deliver on the promise in the headline.”

The first one was titled “5 Tips to XXX”

I had five bolded headings and everything.  They declined it.

All I did was add numbers before the headings and they approved it.

Is that asinine or what?

This last one that was declined just today was on “How to Shop for XXX.”

Again, there are headings in bold that define each section.  I added Factor 1, 2, etc.  We’ll see if it goes through.

I swear they must have hired some idiot editors from Demand Studios that don’t have any common sense.   You’d have to have an IQ below 40 not to understand how the premise is supported in the article.

Again . . . whatever.   They can approve or deny whatever they want.  But it would be wise to keep in mind that people are suppling free content that you make money off of with your copious Adsense ads. So if you think you can afford to play high and mighty over submissions, pretty soon you will only have the fools submitting that think they are hot stuff just because they have “Platinum” status.

No one is going to get nominated for a Pulitzer over anything published on EA.


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7 Comments on "EzineArticles Loses Its Mind Post Panda"

  1. Niche Chick
    07/05/2011 at 6:56 pm Permalink

    Sorry you’ve been having problems with EA. I guess I’ve been lucky so far in my submissions. But I always submit on the same topic.

    Did they end up approving it?

  2. Niche Chick
    Niche Chick
    07/05/2011 at 7:29 pm Permalink

    Hi Grace,

    Actually, I had two with this same issue. One they approved, the other they booted it back twice.

    So for that one, I thought, “Screw It,” and decided to just delete it out of EA.

    Then they asked for a reason why before I could delete it. I just said that the article was as I wanted it when I first submitted it and having it on EA wasn’t worth enough to me to go back and for with an editor.

  3. Niche Chick
    08/29/2011 at 10:56 am Permalink

    Silly wabbit, editing is for kids…

    That’s silly, really. But everyone’s paranoid. I’ve had problems like it with titles since so many use EZA, titles can come off too similar…but have to say the Panda thing is really obnoxious from a marketing standpoint.

    What they’ve done to HubPages is horrid – at I think HubPages’ handling has been stupid with zeroes.

    The problem I’ve had there was in naming my subdomain (among other issues) – they refused to work with me. It was lame, no real reason for it – but Panda’s got everyone’s knickers in a Don Knotts.

    Or was it ‘Knots’? Ah well. May the deputy of Mayberry R.I.P.

    BTW, it’s called Panda officially because that was the engineer’s name. Google officially names their updates after engineers like hurricanes…and yes, I’d have gone to court and changed it.

    Then again, my last name’s ‘Hussey.’ Whatev’.
    JamestheJust recently posted..What the Twuck? Twitter Account HackedMy Profile

  4. Niche Chick
    Niche Chick
    08/29/2011 at 3:59 pm Permalink

    I read the thing about the engineer later . . . I’m sorry, it’s still a stupid name. The Farmer update was much more descriptive.

    You really have to watch the article directories now for any changes that make it not worth submitting. I have a set of 10 top directories that I submit manually to. Buzzle used to be good, but they removed the author link. Really, it’s crazy. Do they really think that people will keep submitting *free* content for the questionable glory of seeing their name in print online without any sort of compensation?

  5. Niche Chick
    Sri Katyayani
    07/16/2014 at 12:05 pm Permalink

    Every body in the web is discussing about google panda about the quality content. is it possible to write a quality content for a un known techy? I know many of the website owners and bloggers put lot of ads in their sites. If google eats away the traffic, what about the owners who spent lot of money to earn some extra money through ads.

    is this fair for google to do this kind of practices ? we only made Google to rank No 1.it seems there is no alternate to Google ?.

  6. Niche Chick
    Niche Chick
    07/26/2014 at 7:44 pm Permalink


    You ask an excellent question. I don’t think “quality content” really has anything to do with technical expertise or even knowing about SEO. It think it has to do with connecting your readers and answering the questions they are looking for answers to.

    Yes, it does help if you keep particular keywords in mind. Sometimes I look at a set of keywords and then just write. Sometimes I just write what I want and then go back and look to see if I can edit what I’ve written to target more specific keywords.

    Thanks for your comment!



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