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The Truth About Duplicate Content

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writing tipsThere have been several questions about a recent post I wrote, “How to post to multiple blogs” using Windows Live Writer.  There are a few issues that have come up that I want to address, but first I want to talk a little bit about site content and how to use it.

You may have read about something called the “duplicate content penalty.”  Sounds pretty dire doesn’t it?

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Some Random Thoughts on Writing Articles and Goals for 2011

I’ve set my goals for my niche sites for 2011, created a spreadsheet to track what I’m doing and have started in.  It’s nothing earth shattering.  My plan is to continue what I’ve already been doing but to do it more consistently.

My main goal for my “passive” sites is to focus on a set of my newer domains.  For each site, each week I will:

  • Add one new original article to the site
  • Rewrite the article and put it through a full round of promotion (bookmark it, boost it,
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