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EzineArticles Loses Its Mind Post Panda

google panda update

If you are involved in anything online, it is impossible that you haven’t heard about the Google’s Panda update in it’s algorithm.

Which, by the way, is an incredible stupid name.  What exactly is it supposed to mean anyway?  People in the search world labeled it the “Farmer” update as ostensibly it’s target was content farms.  That would have made sense.

But some Google engineer had decided that they would call it Panda so that is the “official” name however stupid it may be.  I have to wonder what he

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Last Day to Save on SEO Link Robot

In my post, “Is SE Nuke X Worth It?,” I mentioned SEO Link Robot as one of the programs that could be used in tandem as an alternative to SE Nuke for a lower cost option that would have the same coverage.

In the price comparison, I used the one time fee of $197 for SEO Link Robot (SEOLR.)

However, today . . . April 20, 2011 . . . is the last day for the one off fee.

After today, SEOLR will be sold as a monthly … Read the rest

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Clickbank Woes

One of my little niche sites is based on the Niche Profit Classroom.  As I mentioned on my “about” page, it was that program that really made the light bulb go off regarding hyper niche marketing.

NPC is a training program, but it also provides members with two niche topics per month, complete with research, an ebook to sell as an info product, an auto responder series, and a set of articles to start off your site.

Anyway, the first site that I built on the model has been … Read the rest

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Unexpected Website Ad Revenue

So here’s the story.  After I had my “ah ha!” moment and discovered niche marketing, I spent several months researching and playing around with different site models. I was already familiar with the direct sales website ad revenue from my community site and  I had my sites based on the Niche Profit Classroom method, but I also experimented with Clickbank review sites, Xfactor style Adsense sites, and Amazon.

One of the places I researched was the Warrior Forum and I came across a number of posts by people talking … Read the rest

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