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As part of the series on posting to multiple blogs, I’m going to share with you my strategy of using what I call “announcer blogs” to get both your posts indexed quickly as well as building optimized keyword backlinks to your site . . . on autopilot!

Yes, I know . . . it sounds like one of those hyped up WSO’s but

  1. I promise it works.
  2. I’m not charging you anything. 

What Are Announcer Blogs?

Back when I first really started getting into affiliate marketing, I was reading a post on the Warrior Forum where someone was sharing their strategy for ranking for keywords.

Whenever they made a new post or article on their main site, they would then take the excerpt of that post and put it on a WordPress and Blogger blog with a link back to their main site using their keyword as anchor text.

Pretty simple, and it is the basic concept behind link wheels and link pushes.  You want sites that talk about your keyword linking back to you on your keyword.

So I started doing that, but if there is any way to automate something versus doing it automatically, I want to find it.

ping.fmAround that same time I was using Ping.FM along with Sean Donahoe’s Backlink Booster to index my links.  If you haven’t used Ping.FM before, it’s a platform that allows you to publish content or a status update once and push it out to as many 2.0 platforms that you want (Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, Twitter, Facebook, etc. )

That got me thinking, “Hey, why not use this for automatically feeding posts to the announcer blogs?”

twitterfeedMy strategy was that I would take my main site’s RSS feed and connect it to Ping.FM using Twitterfeed.   There were a couple of issues I had to work out with this.  First, I had to create an alternate RSS feed for my site that only published the excerpt and then ended the excerpt with “read more on post title and main keyword” with the post title linking back to that individual post and the main keyword anchor text linking back to the home page.

I’m not going to go into the details of how I did this because that whole method doesn’t work anymore.

Once I got it figured out, it was pretty simple to set up on new sites and worked really slick.  As long as I was publishing content on my site on a consistent basis, I was also getting a steady drip of keyword backlinks to my site automatically as well as building up content on this ring of announcer blogs.

announcer blog network

But of course, things change.  Ping.FM changed their API so that you couldn’t make new Twitterfeed connections.  Sites I had already set up still worked, but new ones wouldn’t.  (This change also threw a wrench into my Backlink Booster indexing system, but more on that another day.)

So I had to start over and find another way to accomplish the same thing.

Before I explain how to do this, let me just say I am not a programmer.  I can tweak PHP to get a theme to do what I want, troubleshoot installations, and do minor editing of plugins.  But I don’t know enough to program a system from scratch, so I was trying to find either an existing WordPress plugin that did this or something close enough that I could tweak to make it work.

The Bootstrap Method

I spent HOURS looking for a replacement solution.  I looked in the WordPress extension directory, searched for commercial plugins, looked in the WSO forum . . . nothing.

My Solution

What I ended up doing was installing the Post Notification plugin, which is designed to be a self hosted newsletter system.  You can either set it up so that subscribers get notifications of new posts automatically, or you can send out an update.  I used it for the automatic notification feature.

Once you install it, I would create a custom “newsletter” template to configure the update to include the post title, the excerpt, and then again at the end of the excerpt, the post name with a link back to that individual post and a link on the main keyword for my site back to the home page just as I had with the alternate RSS feed in the previous method.  This takes a little HTML editing.

Then I had five 2.0 blogging platforms that allow posting by email.  With most of them, they provide a secret email address to address the email to.  Some of them also require you to configure the blog to automatically publish the post rather than requiring it to be approved.  

That done, you take each of the email posting addresses and add them as a “subscriber” to in the Post Notification plugin on my main site.

Does it work?  Yes it does.  It isn’t quite as slick as my original method and sometimes the emails don’t automatically post, but for the most part it works.

The Easy Way – WP Syndicator

wp syndicatorAbout a month after I figured out a replacement solution using Post Notification, a plugin was released called WP Syndicator that does exactly what I was trying to do, but does it natively.  I can’t even begin to tell you how irritated I was.

I spend so much time trying to figure it out, if they had just released it a few weeks earlier I could have bought it and been done with it.

WP Syndicator does exactly what I am describing above, but instead of having to mess around with finding the posting email and making the configuration for auto posting is correct, you just have to create the accounts on the 2.0 platforms, and then go back to your site, enter the login credentials, and you’re done.  

If you’ve used Backlink Energizer, it is similar to that when you are entering your 2.0 details.

You can also specify the keyword for the anchor text on a per post basis.  Pretty awesome right?

The plugin publishes to 15 different 2.0 platforms, so each individual post you make gets an automatic boost even before you go through any of your other backlinking methods.

Should You Use Announcer Blogs

Obviously, in my opinion yes you should.  I saw the effectiveness of it with the first set of announcer blogs that I set up, so much so that I went to a lot of trouble to find a way to continue it after the first method I used stopped working.

Ranking sites on keywords with any level of competitiveness is about building layers of links.  The announcer blogs are your first and most basic layers of links.

You can either use the bootstrap method I describe above, or you can go the easy and fast way with a broader distribution by using WP Syndicator.

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