Adjusting to Change

adjusting to changeTwenty years ago, most people had no more familiarity with the internet beyond some sci fi movies.  Ten years ago, most people would not have thought they could make money online unless they were a tech head or an ebay seller.

Today, many people make money online and the technical aspects aren’t as formidable as they have been in the past.  

But with that ease of entry comes a natural increase in competition. 

More people trying to make money online = more competition.

The stakes are higher and because of that, things change faster than before.  Just when you think you have your system figured out, something changes.

The launch of the new microdata format at where the search engines have decided how they want us to present the information is one change.

In just the past month, there has been several:

  • The latest reiteration of the Panda update giving a priority to the “freshness” of content
  • The loss of keyword data in Google Analytics made by searchers logged into their Google account.
  • The closing of Yahoo Site Explorer along with the loss of the free information on competitor backlinks.

All of these raise the bar in what is required to rank and stay ranked in Google.  Are there other alternatives to Google Analytics and Yahoo Site Explorer?  Yes there are, but they aren’t free, which makes it more challenging for someone just starting out in niche marketing and learning the ropes to gain momentum and more expensive to bootstrap there online marketing endeavors.

More Opportunity than Ever Before

As I’m writing this, the sales figures for the 2011 Cyber Monday have just been published.  Even in a crappy economy, the sales for Cyber Monday were up 33 percent from 2010, the previous high.  Online sales for Black Friday were up 24.6 percent as well.

What does this mean for the niche marketer?  It means there is more opportunity, that is increasing, to be able to make money online in niche marketing.

Are you in or out?

However, while there is more opportunity and the technical barrier has lowered, because of the increasing rate at which search and traffic generation change, I don’t think it is for the casual online marketer/publisher anymore.

Anyone can build a web site.  Anyone can sign up for Adsense or Amazon.

But the reality is for most people sitting on page 2, 3, or higher in the Google search results, they will never make any money.  

Even on page one, if you aren’t in the top three you will only see a trickle of money.

In my opinion, you have to be totally in or totally out.  If you aren’t going to treat it and work it like a business, you might as well not even try at all.

You need to keep up with new traffic generation methods, keep up on search changes, keep improving your web site, keep building content, and always analyze and always refine.

The online arena is always evolving.  If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared to evolve with it.

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One Comment on "Adjusting to Change"

  1. Niche Chick
    James Hussey
    12/07/2011 at 7:25 am Permalink

    Couldn’t agree more – there are changes to this business like my daughters change their clothes in a day (esp. my 3 y/o). But I love those gals, and search marketing.

    Change is (for now anyway) something I like in the biz: it naturally weeds out the competition.

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