adjusting to changeTwenty years ago, most people had no more familiarity with the internet beyond some sci fi movies.  Ten years ago, most people would not have thought they could make money online unless they were a tech head or an ebay seller.

Today, many people make money online and the technical aspects aren’t as formidable as they have been in the past.  

But with that ease of entry comes a natural increase in competition. 

More people trying to make money online = more competition.

The stakes are higher and because of … Read the rest

If after deciding for yourself whether or not SENuke X is worth it or not, you decided to go ahead and take the plunge, next comes the fun of learning how to use it.  

Actually, setting up a basic campaign is pretty easy.  You just use the step by step wizard, choose one of the preconfigured campaigns in the link diagramer and away you go.

However, as you start using it more, it takes some time researching the advanced strategies.  While there are video tutorials, a lot of the little … Read the rest

google adsense smart pricingSeveral of my little niche sites are structured somewhat along the lines of the xFactor Adsense model.  I say “somewhat” because I absolutely refuse to put out anything that is as hideously ugly as those old original ones were and I don’t have anything that has such thin content.

If you’re not familiar with an xFactor site, it is named after a guy name John who goes by the handle “xFactor” on the Warrior Forum.  In 2009, he posted an epic thread on his strategies for reaching $300 per day

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google authorshipSo I’ll admit it.  I don’t really follow Google news or Matt Cutt’s blog.


Heresy, I know, for someone marketing online.

I just figure that if they do something really groundbreaking, like say . . . enable telepathic search or something . . . I’ll hear about it through the regular channels:  forums, email lists, Skype, Facebook, etc.

(I know people complain about the amount of emails on IM lists, but that’s one good thing about it.  You usually hear about major updates without having to keep tabs on Read the rest

announcer blogs

As part of the series on posting to multiple blogs, I’m going to share with you my strategy of using what I call “announcer blogs” to get both your posts indexed quickly as well as building optimized keyword backlinks to your site . . . on autopilot!

Yes, I know . . . it sounds like one of those hyped up WSO’s but

  1. I promise it works.
  2. I’m not charging you anything. 

What Are Announcer Blogs?

Back when I first really started getting into affiliate marketing, I was reading … Read the rest

writing tipsThere have been several questions about a recent post I wrote, “How to post to multiple blogs” using Windows Live Writer.  There are a few issues that have come up that I want to address, but first I want to talk a little bit about site content and how to use it.

You may have read about something called the “duplicate content penalty.”  Sounds pretty dire doesn’t it?

In order to understand what it is, you need to remember back to the early days of this … Read the rest

how to outsource

I was looking through some job postings on oDesk to get an idea of the going rate for some link building projects I have coming up and I came across this gem.

15 PR4+ Permanent Backlinks

Job Description This job is about getting 15 – PR4+ PERMANENT backlinks for my project, SAT prep classes.

ALL of these PERMANENT links have to be placed at site’s MAIN PAGE PR4+ and NOT in any subdomain or subpage.

All links must be PERMANENT AND INDEXED guaranteed !! REQUIREMENTS: – Backlinks with 100% white

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seo link robot discountI mentioned SEO Link Robot (SEOLR) several times in my post on SE Nuke X alternatives titled, “Is SE Nuke X Worth it?” At the time of writing, SEO Link Robot was a one time purchase, and really, the main difference is SE Nuke’s campaign creation and scheduling.

Several weeks ago, SEO Link Robot ended the one time purchase option and went to a monthly subscription price. During this interim change, there has been discount available reducing the monthly price to $40.

However, I just got an email … Read the rest

google panda update

If you are involved in anything online, it is impossible that you haven’t heard about the Google’s Panda update in it’s algorithm.

Which, by the way, is an incredible stupid name.  What exactly is it supposed to mean anyway?  People in the search world labeled it the “Farmer” update as ostensibly it’s target was content farms.  That would have made sense.

But some Google engineer had decided that they would call it Panda so that is the “official” name however stupid it may be.  I have to wonder what he

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If you have been into niche marketing for awhile, you probably have several web sites up and running.  Everyone has a different strategy for content for their sites.

Do it and be done:  You can plan out content in advance: three months, six months, maybe even a year.  You preload all the content into WordPress posts, schedule them to publish on a future day, set it and forget it.  I do this for a number of my niche sites.

If you have a lot of content and a lotRead the rest